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Fractional VP of Sales
Your business has grown quickly and entrepreneurially, yet you now find yourself wearing too many hats. The most important one, sales, keeps getting sidetracked so you can deliver on the on the business you’ve already won. That’s where your Fractional VP of Sales steps in. They work part time on your business with a full-time focus on your goals. You get the best of both worlds, exceptional and proven sales leadership with cost control.

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Rainmaker Coaching
You are a driven, growth-oriented business owner who knows you have to be ahead of the curve if you want to stay competitive in today’s market. The fastest path to your continued growth and accountability is with one of our Rainmaker Coaches. We work with you on establishing crystal clear goals; provide you guidance on the best path forward; and help you remove blocks both internal and external; allowing you and your business to flourish.

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Empire Builder Coaching
You have created leverage within your organization by hiring the right talent. The best organizations are filled with intrapreneurs. They think and behave like owners. They are invaluable to the company’s health. But how do organizations recognize and develop intrapreneurs? Even more importantly, how can organizations be sure such valued talent won’t leave? Working with an Empire Builder Coach will ensure your best and brightest talent is equipped with the resources and insights they need to grow your business, and to stay committed to building your business for the long term.

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Our Team


Dale Archdekin



James Coan

Coach, Fractional VP of Sales

tlogan GLR headshot_bw

Terronald Logan


Tim Laidler


Sam Monreal headshot

Sam Monreal

Head Coach, Fractional VP of Sales

Kareem Headshot

Kareem Nouraldeen

Operations Manager

Here's what our clients are saying!

  • “It was James’s vision that was responsible for the successful re-architecture of TantaComm’s core software platform, leading the CIO of one of the world’s largest business process outsourcers to call TantaComm 'the only quality management vendor that truly gets the BPO market.' His foresight in anticipating and planning for major technology changes gave TantaComm the competitive advantage it enjoys in the market today.”
    John Boykin
    Manager of Software Development, CSG International (Formerly Director of Application Development at TantaComm)
  • “You can count on James to bring high energy, innovative ideas and a passion for growth.”
    Bernie Stoudt
    VP Human Resources, Parts NOW!
  • “I had the privilege of working with James Coan over the past several years on multiple business transactions and ongoing matters. In each case, I witnessed his innovative thought process and problem solving abilities firsthand. James is able to develop a strategy and then drill down into the details and implement it. He is a seasoned business professional who can bring a fresh perspective to your business.”
    Jonathan Schuster
    Partner, Axley Brynelson
  • “I have always found James to be insightful and knowledgeable about all aspects of the business; from the technology all the way to the financials.”
    David Bauer
    Partner, Baker Tilly Capital
  • “James was instrumental in developing the sales strategy, systems, processes, and teams responsible for landing JT Packard on the Inc. 500 list two years in a row. I had the privilege of working with him for almost seven years at both JT Packard and TantaComm. He is a sharp, strategic thinker and a highly effective communicator. He has a knack for analyzing market conditions, identifying opportunities, and crafting strategies to effectively capitalize on those opportunities.”
    Charley Eaton
    CEO, TantaComm
  • “When we decided to shake up our established sales team in an attempt to improve production, James's guidance on sales process, compensation structure, and organizational development were invaluable. I highly recommend his services to any business owner or sales leader looking for smart, actionable advice from someone who's been there and done that. He knows his stuff.”
    Ben Brickweg
    President, Scout & Spur Group
  • "I was thrilled that Sam tailored his sessions to fit our needs and that he provided our team with concrete tools. I've already seen some of those tools put into action! Sam had great energy throughout our two days of training and is an all-around great guy to work with. I highly recommend him for your team's coaching needs."
    Julie Karsten
    VP of Client Success, BoomTown
  • “Sam helped us get our business to the next level. We are grateful for everything he has done to help our team. Thank you, Sam!”
    Mariana Aburto Castillo
    Founder, The Castillo Group
  • “Sam's coaching has been essential to helping me nearly double my business in a single year. We couldn't have gone from $47 Million to $83 Million in production without his insights.”
    Tom Daves
    CEO, The Tom Daves Team
  • "Sam's coaching has been essential to our growth as an organization. Bigger and bigger goals are in our sights with his expertise. He's added a ton of value to our team."
    Zach Castillo
    Founder, The Castillo Group
  • “Sam is more than a coach! He takes the time to understand your business and what makes you tick to tailor an approach specific to your goals and personal style. Sam has a passion for overcoming challenges and spreading success and fulfillment to everyone who has to pleasure of spending time with him. I'm very proud to consider Sam a close friend.”
    Jeremy Vance
    Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo
  • “In many ways, we consider Sam an extension of our team. He willingly rolls up his sleeves and jumps in wherever we need his expertise, and there is no doubt that our organization is in a completely different place than before Sam began working with us. In addition to the incredible results we've gotten, we truly enjoy coaching with Sam, which isn't always the case with various coaches we have had in the past. Sam is incredibly skilled at holding us accountable and pushing us ... and somehow making us like it!”
    David Zarghami
    CEO, Zarghami Dream Home Specialists
  • "Sam has the proven track record of working with high-producing real estate teams. His coaching is based on experience, and he demonstrates a high level of accountability. He's the right coach to take our lead generation to the next level."
    Spring Bengtzen
    CEO, Utah Life

Expertise and Practice

Since its inception, Sam Monreal Coaching & Consulting has been focused on building the best sales organizations in the world.

What We Do

Quite simply, we treat your business like our business. We roll up our sleeves and dive into what works, what doesn't and how you can accelerate growth with your sales team. Here are some of our key areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise

  • Lead Generation Best Practices and Models
  • ​Onsite Team Evaluations
  • Training on Scripts and Dialogues
  • Organizing an Inside Sales Team
  • Implementation of Proven Systems and Models
  • Marketing That Delivers an ROI

  • ​Building a Prospecting-Based Organization
  • Hiring and Team-Building
  • Goal-Setting Sessions
  • Initiating, Selling, Negotiating and Closing Deals
  • Generating Revenue
  • Building a Culture and Mindset of Success

Key Practice Areas

  • Real Estate
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Design
  • IT & Technology
  • Startups


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